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“Almost everything we have learned we can use in our everyday life. We learned things like giving and receiving compliments and being kind to yourself and others."

PeerConnection Participant


“I loved being in a community of leaders.”

Youth to Youth Participant

Programs for Wilton High School Students

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Youth to Youth

Youth to Youth members develop leadership skills through planning events and activities to encourage substance free living.


PeerVention students act as mentors to peers and younger students, creating a network of trained peer-helpers in the school.


Programs for Middlebrook Middle School Students

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Youth to Youth

In Youth to Youth, students set the agenda, plan fun activities, and develop programs to address issues facing today's teens.

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PeerConnection teaches students effective listening and communication skills and equips them to care for their own well-being.


Programs for Elementary School Students


In GoZen!, students have fun while learning strategies to identify, understand, and manage worry and anxiety.

Class Projects / PGP

The Class Projects were the first Wilton Youth Council program!  Created in 1983, the original mission of the Class Projects is as relevant today as it was then: to create opportunities for positive choices and substance-free fun for teens and to provide opportunities for parents to connect at a time in their child’s life when it grows more difficult to do so.  


Class Projects form at the end of 7th grade with an introductory family picnic and are named for the year of the class’s high school graduation (e.g. Class Project 2024). There are informational, social, community service and fundraising events for both parents and students held over the next five years, culminating in senior year when Class Project parent volunteers organize a Post-Graduation Party (PGP) for the students. The PGP is an exciting, inclusive, and substance-free all night, lock-in event. Class Projects are a unique opportunity to create and foster connections among parents and students. 

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If you are interested in volunteering, please click on the button below to find your class year and contact information for the co-chairs! 

Contact Class Project Liaison Eva Beshlian at 

with questions about Class Projects and the Post Graduation Party.