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Youth to Youth is a group of high school students seeking to make a difference in the community and to build confidence to choose substance-free living.

Youth to Youth is the WHS club that partners with and continues the work of the Youth to Youth (Y2Y) club at Middlebrook. The Y2Y model is an international, community-based, drug use prevention and youth leadership program designed to encourage young people to make positive choices and to live free of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs. Y2Y's mission is to engage young people through meaningful discussions, activities, and experiences to develop and implement their own ideas to create positive change. Bringing youth together with a common bond of living substance-free allows them to serve as role models to their peers and younger students.

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What happens at WHS Y2Y meetings?
  • ​Students set the agenda

  • Students plan community service & afterschool activities

  • Fun team building exercises (according to Y2Y members!)

What core beliefs drive Y2Y?
Personal Growth
  • Empowering students as they lead peer mentorship & trainings

  • Continuing leadership development if the student was a member of Y2Y at Middlebrook

  • Building relationships based on open communication & mutual respect

  • Creating a community of open-minded, confident, positive role models

Positive Experiences
  • Students create a judgement-free environment filled with substance-free fun 

  • Team building creates a space where students feel safe taking risks surrounded by unconditional acceptance

Community Service
  • Give back to their community

  • Work directly with peers through large group projects

  • Direct youth-led trainings and group mentoring

Drug and Alcohol Education
  • Y2Y members create peer-accepted opportunities to reach out to other students

  • Offer straightforward conversation about the negative effects of substance use

  • Share personal experiences to focus on the rewards of living a life based on positive choices

Please email EJ DiNunzio

with questions or for more information!

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