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PeerConnection is an after school program for middle school students based on the premise that, when young people face difficulties, they most often turn to their peers.
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Within every school, there is an informal "helping network" of students. PeerConnection seeks to identify students who are already serving as helpers and provide them with training to better support their peers.

PeerConnection has three primary goals. The program aims to teach student members:


  1. effective ways to help and support their friends and peers

  2. positive ways to take care of themselves and be cognizant of their own physical and mental health

  3. ways to contribute to creating safe and supportive school and community environments


PeerConnection students will learn these skills:

  • recognizing when help is needed

  • successful communication, including listening skills and problem solving

  • utilizing the "Helping Skill" to assist peers

  • recognizing when a situation is more serious and needs adult professional help

  • awareness of resources and ability to refer people to the appropriate helping source 

  • exercising self-care

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Recommendations to the program can come from school staff and/or parents. 

  • The program is based on the Natural Helpers Curriculum.

  • Program activities are fun and designed to be interesting and engaging for middle school students. They include ice-breakers, team building games, and role-playing.

  • Students are NOT connected in any formal way to helping their peers, instead they are expected to use their skills simply during the course of their daily lives.

  • The $130 program fee is used to support Wilton Youth Council programs.

  • Scholarships are available and are kept in strict confidence.

  • The group meets weekly at Middlebrook School. 

For more information, email Chandra Ring.

PeerConnection students share what they gained from the program.

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