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PeerVention is a social, interpersonal skills development program for adolescents, based on a simple premise:
within every community of adolescents, an informal “helping network” exists.

When teens need advice or understanding, they naturally seek out other teens. PeerVention utilizes this existing "helping network" by training teens who are already serving as informal helpers, strengthens this network and gives its participants skills to more effectively help others. All of this is done in a variety of fun activities led by Wilton High School staff.


PeerVention has been a successful collaboration between Wilton High School, Wilton Youth Services, and Wilton Youth Council since 1993, and is now an integral part of the Wilton High School community, supported by Wilton High School financially and philosophically. 


For more information, please contact Dann Pompa, Christina Dunaj, or Kim Zemo.

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