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"This speaker is fantastic . . . Funny, engaging, relevant and gives concrete advice we can use."  Parent

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The Worry Paradox: The More You Fight Anxiety, The More It Holds On

Sometimes worry (lower case) has a way of turning into WORRY (upper case) in the blink of an eye, causing children to fret about unlikely scenarios and shrink away from routine challenges, holding entire families hostage.Wouldn't it be nice to get rid of it? Unfortunately, much of what parents do to banish worry ends up strengthening it. That’s the worry paradox, that our attempts to relieve anxiety actually lock it in place. But there’s hope.Join us for a webinar led by Dr. Dawn Huebner and moderated by WPS staff to learn to think about anxiety in a new way and gain skills to support your child without inadvertently reinforcing their anxiety.Dr. Huebner is a Parent Coach and the author of 10 books for children published in 23 languages, including perennial bestsellers What to Do When You Worry Too Much and Outsmarting Worry. She enjoys talking to parents, teachers, and therapists about anxiety, empowering them to help the children in their lives work toward change.SPONSORED BY WILTON YOUTH COUNCIL IN PARTNERSHIP WITH WILTON SEPTA AND SPED*NET Wilton

Privileged and Pressured: Wilton Data

In 2017-2018, Wilton High School and Wilton Youth Council engaged Suniya Luthar, PhD, in a research-based collaboration to assess the well-being of youth in our community.  A summary of Dr. Luthar's presentation to the community is available here.

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