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Author Talk:
Never Enough: When Achievement Culture Becomes Toxic - and What We Can Do About It

Tuesday, October 17th
7:00 pm
Wilton Library
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In the ever more competitive race to secure the best possible future, today’s students face unprecedented pressure to succeed. Their schedules are packed with AP classes and resume-padding activities, while family resources are stretched to a breaking point by tutoring fees and athletic schedules. Yet this drive to optimize performance has only resulted in skyrocketing rates of anxiety, depression, and even self-harm in America’s highest achieving schools. It does not need to be this way.


Join us for a discussion led by Susan Bauerfeld PhD, with award-winning reporter Jennifer Breheny Wallace on the deep roots of toxic achievement culture, and what we must do to fight back. Through deep research, some of which was conducted here in Wilton and highlights our local youth activists, Wallace reveals what kids need from adults is not more pressure, but to feel like they matter.


A follow-up book discussion group with Wilton Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Kevin Smith will be held on Thursday, October 26th, 10-11:30 at Comstock Community Center. Stay tuned for registration information.


Jennifer Wallace is an award-winning reporter, social commentator and author. She frequently contributes to The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. To learn

more about this important topic visit:

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