Decoding Behavior: What Our Children Are Telling Us & How to Help

Alicia Farrell, PhD.
Wednesday, December 7, 2022
10-11:30 AM Wilton Library

This is a free event intended for parents of kids in PreK~12th grade.

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Are you confused about your child or teen's behavior, what it may mean, and how to best support them? Please join us for a discussion led by Cognitive Psychologist Alicia Farrell, PhD, designed to provide practical guidance and tools you can apply to improve relationships and help kids learn to navigate their world in emotionally healthy ways.


Topics will include:

  • A parent's role in building and maintaining a quality relationship with their child

  • How to support problem solving and emotional regulation

  • Navigating struggles as opportunities vs threats

  • Recognizing the difference between stress and anxiety

  • The effect of valuing performance over character; how that breaks down social/emotional wellness and what you can do about it

  • Practical tools to improve communication, connection, and conflict resolution


We are raising our children in complicated times. Please don’ t miss this opportunity to learn how to better support your children with confidence and conviction.


For questions, please email