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Breaking Down Gender & Sexuality

Presenter: Cadence Pentheny (they / them)
Moderator: Sarah Malhotra (she / they)
Tuesday, April 25 @ 7:00 PM
Wilton Library
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From breaking down gender and sexual diversity to rethinking historical and traditional assumptions around identity, this conversation is a must for all who wish to be allies to the LGBTQ+ community. Led by Triangle Community Center's Cadence Pentheny, this event will engage participants in a thorough overview of what it means to be LGBTQ+ and an ally!

You will walk away with:

  • The importance of allyship in real life situations: Understanding how LGBTQ+ individuals are impacted by bias, and an overview of best practices that protect safety and inclusion

  • An understanding of what is meant by sexual orientation, sexual identity, gender identity, gender expression, and sex assigned at birth - the differences between them and how they impact one another

  • Language and definition of terms associated with the LGBTQ+ community, including lesser known terms

  • Defining and understanding notions of hetero-normativity, the gender/sex binary, and cis-normativity

  • Rethinking social norms and expectations surrounding sexuality and gender in our society


Our speaker, Cadence Pentheny (they/them), is Triangle Community Center's passionate Community Educator, with a demonstrated commitment to supporting the LGBTQ+ community through training and education. As leader of TCC's LGBTQ+ Training Institute, Cadence is responsible for engaging with the wider community to provide educational opportunities and professional development surrounding LGBTQ+ cultural humility and allyship across Fairfield County and beyond.

No charge. Registration strongly recommended. Register below or call 203-762-6334. 

Co-sponsored by Wilton Library, Triangle Community Center, Wilton Youth Council, Middlebrook PTA, Wilton High School PTSA, Middlebrook GSA , Wilton High School GSA, The Rowan Center.

For questions, please email

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